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Should the BBC get (back) in to games?

Interesting poll on Gateway, the BBC’s internal intranet. The ‘back’ is my addition… Lest we forget the joys of the BBC Micro. It’s mad to think that the BBC just jumped into the hardware business with Acorn off the back of one TV show. I know we’ve sort of got a stake in Freeview, but a modern analogy would be something like us launching a mobile phone! Anyway, back then my school was split between Commodore and Specturm kids, there were a few Amstrad CPC464 boys, and one BBC Micro lad who smelled of wee and who’s dad was a teacher.

Anyway, maybe the future’s more Jamie Kane style stuff, perhaps that’s where we should be heading? Addressing games and play towards under served groups. Or why not old people? I reckon we’ll see the first proper OAP ’em up soon, It probably won’t look like a traditional game, it might be a memory helper or some other health evaluation exercise, or perhaps some piece of interactive drama, but it’ll still have its roots in gaming I hope..

Maybe I’ll find out more at a learning lunch given by Alice Taylor, our BBC game goddess next week…

Racism on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Link: Racism on Flickr – Photo Sharing!. Blimy… Almost every political, racial and social opinion vented in the comments section of this.. I can’t remember seeing so many comment of Flickr. There’s plenty of decent Katrina content around as well as this stupid argument about a caption while people are dying… ah the interweb, bonkers.

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