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Hurray | BBC TV channels to be put on net

Link: BBC NEWS | Entertainment | TV and Radio | BBC TV channels to be put on net.
A huge amount of people took this piss when BBC Three first launched.. I remember a dead ringers sketch where the greg dyke/michael Caine character said “BBC Three?! I was only having a laugh”. Like all recent Channel launches, (C4, Five) it got off to a small start, but it’s been building up slowly for some time and seems to be settling into the right spot, probably to the detriment of BBC Two. For me the big pull was when it had the next ep of 24 on straight after the terrestrial TX a year or so ago. Fast forward 12 months and now it’s showing the Mighty Bush before it goes out on TV, and offering Nighty Night clips to your mobile… interesting times indeed. What’s bonkers is that in our CMS production tool we’ve a redundant alt text field called ‘web on TV’, where people could get a crappy version of the homepage on their TVs from back in the On Digital days, and now this is ‘Telly on the Web’

I’m slightly puzzled as to Jana’s comment.. The BBC received a “wake-up call” about the demand for new technology in March when the first episode of the new Doctor Who was leaked on to the internet, she said.. Erm, no. The TV dept received a wake up call, after slapping the New Media snooze button one too many times i reckon, and what with Radio are already up and in the shower and all. And MyBBCPlayer? Sounds a bit.. solitary, and hardly trips off the tongue Mark, what about just ‘the Player’ or keeping it called the iMP?

Anyway, I’ll end on a paraphrased a scene from Pulp Fiction…
Tony A: Bring out the iMP.
Ben L: But the iMP’s sleeping.
Tony A: Well, I guess you’re gonna have to go wake him up now, won’t you?

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