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BBC NEWS | Entertainment | TV and Radio | Coogan baby claim is ‘nonsense’

Link: BBC NEWS | Entertainment | TV and Radio | Coogan baby claim is ‘nonsense’.

Reading the Metro this morning with one eye I was convinced it was wind up or some sort of PR spin worthy of Prentiss & Macabe. But no, it seemed to be a ‘genuine’ story. Could you imagine a more random couple?! I then sat there trying to work out a US equivalent. Hmm, oldish comedian famous for playing up tight guys and off the rails female singer.. The best I got was Kelsey Grammer (Frasier) fathering Charlotte Church’s child.

Anyway talking of Absolute Power, I’m loving this series even more than the last… There’s some great cameos from the likes of Richard & Judy to News 24 presenters, funny story twists and some great lines. Sally Bretton is phwoar as Cat, and it’s great to see the ‘wonky nosed wonder’ back on the box too. Couple of things though..
1. They keep shooting scenes outside my office! The one where the right wing guy (Gus of DTDD) was opening a shop in the rain was Mangarie, a sandwich shop in on ‘the Network’ outside the Broadcast Centre; and in last week’s episode the shot of people setting burgers on fire was outside there too!
2. Fry’s love of all things Apple (he says he says he bought the third one in the country, with Douglas Adams buying the first two, others disagree) means there’s one in almost every shot, including the newspaper front page of the Chancellor of the Exchequer holding up the old style ‘handbag’ iBooks instead of his red briefcase. Apple must be loving it, product placement on the BBC… never.

Talking of Apple, chateau eyedropper went wireless at the weekend. I delicately slid in the airport card to my Powerbook, flipped it over and turned it on.. not found. I then left is as we were all ready running late and went out for some Crystal Palace drinks.. “Bugger it, I’ll take it back to the Apple store tomorrow” and let them do it I thought. We got back home around 1am and fuelled by Dutch courage I took another look at it. This time I gave it a proper shove to get it in and that was all it needed, hey presto! So if you’re fitting an airport card (though all i/P books come with them now) just give it a good firm push.


Just finished watching Taxidermy: Stuff the World on BBC Two. An excellent documentary film, reminded me a lot of Spellbound etc.. At 90 mins it was also quiet long for TV, representing a big channel commitment. I can’t remember seeing a film length doc of this quality on BBC Two for ages… The long doc is normally the preserve of BBC Four, perhaps this sort of thing is Roly’s influence coming through? I was impressed by the international nature of taxidermy, and how its use differed in different countries. Also , they found in their subjects some amazing people, with real character. Anyway fascinating stuff, look here’s the original call for participants.

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