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Jamie Kane is the name…

Link: Boing Boing: BBC punks Wikipedia in game marketing ploy? (UPDATED).

This whole affair has been quite funny to watch today, with some mad anti-beeb rants and then the /.ing of wikipedia! Well done Rob C for stepping up the the crease and actually offering an explanation. I for one believe him, having seen the Jamie Kane presentation a few month back all I can say is.. it looks ace. And it’s a real gamble going after a female teen audience rather than the super saturated male young adult market, which is exactly the sort of thing the BBC should be doing. Probably also reduce the risk of a Jamie Kane hot coffee patch too!

The thing is… if we wanted to promote something, especially to that particular demographic, don’t you think it’d be far more effective on the BBC homepage or on CBBC than wikipedia and slashdot? You can count the teenage girls who read slashdot on one hand.

Yup, this must surely rank as the worst planned and executed viral marketing campaign that never was… which is sort of what I’d actually expect from the BBC marketing dept given their past record, a record they seem keen to maintain.

Have you seen the new BBC7 trails… earfood? EARFOOD? What the fuck is that! What was the creative brief? Dolmio meets Tiger Force? Ears, that grow on trees when played digital radio in the Mediterranean, honestly… Why oh why oh why must the BBC marketing messages always always resort to shitty metaphors? If you look at What is BBC7? it says “It’s a mix of the best of BBC comedy, drama, and books as well as a brand new daily live kids’ show..” There you go, practically sells itself! Ask anyone in the street ‘what’s BBC7?’ and I’ll bet they haven’t got a clue, if you’re very lucky you might get someone who says a radio station.. what you won’t get is ‘food for your ears’. Come on guys, sort it out.

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