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T-dar! Rewind the homepage. Something we’ve been thinking about for a while is now here.. now, to build this function into the current homepage

It’s really hard to gather information along the lines of ‘.Oh it was here this morning’. There’s some data that shows people search for things the morning after TX, but it’s a dark art… So will we be seeing time shifted promos? Want to relive Glasto Coverage exaclty as it happened? Easy!

In other news, cult closed today… but the final animation perhaps hints at K9’s return….?

London Bombs, one week on…

Today on the homepage we marked the two minutes silence with a special revolving list of tributes and quotes taken from /havyoursay. We evolved the Live 8 treatment and incorporated the rotorvator into what I’m now calling a jumbo promo. It was an odd day, because in the middle of it we all walked outside for the two minute silence. This is the first time I’ve done one of them in ages, I missed the Tsunami one, and the one for the Soham girls, did they have one?

Anyway, I was reflecting on the attacks, and the people who lost their lives, and my thoughts turned to the targeting of the transport system. You see the IRA at the height of their campaign targeting individual things like party conferences, military parades, The Docklands, and oddly Hammersmith bridge. In a sense, specific areas and things that although terrible to those involved, not all people have experience of. The large outpouring of grief and sense of shock at these terrorist attacks is all the more understandable in that by striking at the transport system, they’re striking at something which, in London at least, is used by banker and builder alike… it’s one of the few pieces of public infrastructure that accessible by the public, unlike say, the national grid, or the water board. Being ‘stuck on the tube’ is a great leveller… as I found out today, when through security alerts, delays, and cancellations everyone of the three trains, one bus, and two tubes I caught was affected.

Anyway, the treatment seemed apt yet struck the right tone, and received some extremely positive feedback.

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