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BBC NEWS | UK | Police appeal for bombing footage

Link: BBC NEWS | UK | Police appeal for bombing footage. The Old Bill are asking for people’s mobile images and video from last weeks attacks. They’ve even set up a special email address.. I wonder if someone’s pointed them to Flickr group in the post below? Not sure how useful that would be.. still, it’s been amazing how much of the images seen in the media have been taken by members of the public. What a week. A nice ‘letter to the terrorists’ here

On a lighter note.. I’d forgotten the simple joys of a dippy egg for breakfast, so put that right this morning. dippy_egg.JPG
Yesterday I photographed Brian j Ford, Food scientist, BSE expert, and author of ‘The Future of Food’. He’d agreed to be a subject ffor my entry in the Observer/seeds of change photography competition. He was about to fly out to the USA to give a keynote speech, so I had to meet him at his hotel near Gatwick. We spent the first hour chatting over a beer in the bar about science, food and life in general. It didn’t really offer much in the way of an interesting backdrop, so I suggested we take a stroll. We found a couple of useful and interesting location.. and I got of some interesting shots… so fingers crossed for that…

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