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Terror attacks in London

I’ve lived in London for 11 years now.. and have seen IRA bombs, that nail bomber dude who bombed Brixton, the East End and Soho and various other scares, confusion and rumours.

37+ dead, 700 injured. God it’s sad… But I know that Londoners are a tough lot. I was out in Crystal Palace tonight nursing a red wine, and the overall feeling in the bar was of.. I survived, is that all you’ve got? It’s terrible what happened to those who’ve lost their lives, or limbs, or whatever… but I want to talk about how proud everyone was yesterday, after we got the Olympic games, there was a real sense of coming together, and pride, and that’s some comfort during these times. It must be horrible being underground and facing all that…

Work wise, my other thoughts are that this terror attack has been captured by regular folk with camera phones, and even the BBC is showing camera footage…. the BBC severs have taken a right slapping this week. Martin has all the screen grabs.

Flickr: The London Bomb Blasts Pool

Link: Flickr: The London Bomb Blasts Pool. Images from regular folk.

BBC News 24: Blasts may be work of Al-Qaeda

Glued to the TV at home.. seven blasts on buses, two+ deaths, BBC servers almost melted… Bbc_1100
News 24: BBC monitoring are translating a message claiming to be from Al-Qeada…

London: Attack? Accident?

Off work today with a bad stomach – Thank God. mrs e safe at work. Homepage in ‘big red button’ breaking news mode, then into ‘light’ mode for the second time in two days..

This can’t be a power surge.. this is an attack.. G8 on, Olympics awarded… it’s gotta be.

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