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iTunes + podcasting + BBC

Hurray!! BBC content out and about there when ever you want it. Bloomin’ marvelous. Well done to iR&M, watch and learn TV.. this is gonna happen to you really really soon, and then the words ‘primetime’ will be no more – Mwhahahah!

It’s great to see BBC content on the No.1, 6, 8, 15 spot on iTunes Top Podcasts and not so great to see the ‘owner’ as unknown Anyroad, get more from the Podcast trial.

Invasion of the bland – Coldplay play Crystal Palace…

Link: BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Music | Coldplay confirm stadium concerts.

Oh my God I think I have some feeling of how residents of Pilton in Somerset must feel when they host Glasto… as fresh from glasto, Coldplay played Crystal Palace tonight .. consequently tranquil Crystopolis was invaded by people dressed like kids from H&M yet you knew took down £50k+. From my study window, as I type this, I can hear the schlepping of Birkenstocks down Gipsy Hill running for the train…. I should have set up a stall on my front garden selling hot focaccia, I’d have made a mint. God they were all so…. average.

So not only was every train out of Victoria rammed around 7, but later on around 10 a 15 min drive back from Nunhead to see a mate took an hour! Not that I’m complaining too much. It’s great to see the park put to a good use… But I just hope they’ll come back for The Bowl which features local bands for local people…

PS. You have to read Skips letter to Coldplay.

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