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Invasion! Daleks take over the homepage

The culmination of ‘Whomepage’…

I proposed this two weeks ago, in my initial design the Dalek filled the entire page… but over time we realised that certain things still had to be present. And so I designed this, which I think removes lesser useful things, yet leaves plenty of page to be useful. Search is still there, the News and Sport box, Where I live, the TV & Radio boxes, and the all important childrens box, as they’re very icon led. So what’s gone? Well, sub catagories, the TV pick, radio & TV channels, and the marketing footer. And the page is still pretty light, I’ve just loaded it up on my laptop via my mobile, worse connection speeds than dial up, and it loaded pretty fast.

Couple of other things to add. On the top left had corner, there’s a link to return to the standard homepage… we’ve got click-tracking on that, so we’ll see how many people use it; and secondly, right down the bottom is a link actually asking people what they think of this treatment? Or if you want to comment, here’s the link We’ll see on Monday what comes back…

Now I’ve just got to wait patiently till 7pm..

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