The Exclusive Doctor Who trailers

Blimey, Doctor Who is all set to end in a massive plot extravaganza!. A good use of a story arc that has spanned the series is about to come to an end… or is it? Anyway, I got to see the final episode last week, it’s flippin’ fantastic, but we stopped it as the Bad Wolf story line was about to be revealed so we could still enjoy it normally at home, so I’m none the wiser.

The reason we watched it was that this week we’re running a series of teaser promo’s on the first of which can be seen below.

(Image: Daleks)
(the smart amongst you might be able to work out the naming convention..)

A new trailer is going live at 12-3pm and 6-8pm daily, each with a new image. Each teaser is also being show on BBC One at 8pm. (or here) Each one’s only a couple off seconds long, but you wouldn’t believe the amount of effort that has gone into getting these clips, and getting the hosted on the homepage before BBC One… It’s been a hard but rewarding experience working with the TV people, and we’ve used threats, logic and guile to get this off the ground.

For myself, I think it shows the BBC in it’s best light when it can ‘leak’ it’s content on it’s own website rather than bit torrent. Doctor Who is very net friendly, but sometimes it’s been hard getting that through to the TV people, who still think that the best place to put any message is at the end of EastEnders. Hmm, 5 seconds at the end of that or 5 hours on the homepage. Which do you think is going to get more eyeballs and more importantly, interaction? Sometimes you wouldn’t think we had 6 TV channels, 10 radio channels and a 2 million+ page website at are disposal would you… God help us if Enders ever gets canned, people won’t know what to compare anything too. Still, trailers we have, nestled in a player with bags and bags of other Who content, and good it looks.

When all this is over, i.e. next weekend, I’m planning to take the giant DR_WHO folder off my hard-drive and share some of the other designs and editorial treatments that never made it to the live servers if anyone’s interested…

Oh, and watch out for a special homepage treatment on Saturday from 6ish – mwhahahah!

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