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iTunes + podcasting + BBC

Hurray!! BBC content out and about there when ever you want it. Bloomin’ marvelous. Well done to iR&M, watch and learn TV.. this is gonna happen to you really really soon, and then the words ‘primetime’ will be no more – Mwhahahah!

It’s great to see BBC content on the No.1, 6, 8, 15 spot on iTunes Top Podcasts and not so great to see the ‘owner’ as unknown Anyroad, get more from the Podcast trial.

Invasion of the bland – Coldplay play Crystal Palace…

Link: BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Music | Coldplay confirm stadium concerts.

Oh my God I think I have some feeling of how residents of Pilton in Somerset must feel when they host Glasto… as fresh from glasto, Coldplay played Crystal Palace tonight .. consequently tranquil Crystopolis was invaded by people dressed like kids from H&M yet you knew took down £50k+. From my study window, as I type this, I can hear the schlepping of Birkenstocks down Gipsy Hill running for the train…. I should have set up a stall on my front garden selling hot focaccia, I’d have made a mint. God they were all so…. average.

So not only was every train out of Victoria rammed around 7, but later on around 10 a 15 min drive back from Nunhead to see a mate took an hour! Not that I’m complaining too much. It’s great to see the park put to a good use… But I just hope they’ll come back for The Bowl which features local bands for local people…

PS. You have to read Skips letter to Coldplay. closes 15 July

Link: BBC – Cult Television – Cult closes 15 July.

26,000 staff, their own tax enforced by law, income in the Billions – yes its a recipe for inept management.
Any other media organisation would be milking these assets.. Instead a half supported effort is nailed. Shoot the suits. Farcical.

Just one of the many replies… Yes the small but perfectly formed cult team are being given the chop. . tis a sad day as I personally think they’re fantastic. – News

Link: – News. Shame on Channel4 news’ entertainment page (and their homepage!) for the lack of coverage on the death of the channel’s most famous son. Their first story is about Tom ‘I’M NOT GAY!’ Cruise who they covered in water earlier this week rather than the King of the afternoon…

Everyone loved Richard Whiteleycountdown probably taught more students basic maths and spelling than they learnt at school, it’ll never be the same.. sob

[H] [I] [E] [R] [C] [P] [I] [R] [I] – You’re 30 seconds starts now….

Glastonbury Weather on

The Glastonbury Panel became a victim of ‘curse o’ Glasto’ today as the rains fell. The effect was felt on the homepage, as the feeds in the panel died, the content seemed to shove up… Still, could be worse, I the set constructed for BBC Three’s coverage from Glastonbury was flooded while Radio 1’s Jo Whiley had to abandon her live broadcast after a river close to the BBC compound burst its banks.Glasto_mud

Ahhh Glasto, nothing like it

When librarians become rock stars…

Ashley’s recent keynote to the Broadcast Content Management Conference acknowledges the ever growing role of metadata and content management in getting the right stuff at the right time to the people who want it. The value of metadata in content management cannot be understated. … mind you he then he did say Metadata is dull, no doubt about it... Interesting to think that maybe one day kudos is given not to who made the content but how expertly it’s classified.

Plenty of other interesting stuff in there too.. particularly It starts to get really interesting when we begin breaking completely free of the linear schedule to offer two perhaps more profound services, that of Catch-Up On-Demand TV, and the deep programme back-catalogue online service.

Amen. In an ideal world would stop being used to ‘advertise’ terrestrial programming, or provide character blurb, or the odd recipe, biog or skinker, but be a full independent content delivery platform re-offering and enriching our IP products. We simply have to evolve away from ‘turn of this medium and go and use another’ type messages and to a ‘ahh, so you want that do you.. here you go’.

The examples given by Ashley, particularly the animated Doctor Who one, struck a cord with me this past week. As the posts below show, we went mad on the ‘Whomepage’ recently, and this week we’ve spent a bit of time looking at what users thought of that treatment.. expect an in-depth post on this later.

But in short, I think we need to be a little more self-depreciating, I think it’s good that we’re starting to change once in a while to reflect the content being showcased. We should align itself with the issues of the day to show people that we’re in tune with what they’re thinking and feeling, and needing. This way people when confronted by an issue think, “well what’s the BBC’s stance on this?”.

Naturally there’s some parts of the BBC’s output that should be ring fenced, news and current affairs for example, but most other things I reckon are fair game. Off the top of my head what about… The Ouch team put in charge of the Lifestyles portal and for one week… and maybe they’d drop the traditional glossy magazine look and create new and specific content say on what it’s like to cook when you have a disability. And some people will complain, some people will always complain, but I reckon a lot more people will be surprised, interested and supportive of such ventures.

So the ‘Doctor Whomepage’ kicked the ant hill of, and at least generated some discourse…. which is no bad thing, there’s more to come hopefully.

What’s up with the Google Logo?

Seems the BBC weren’t the only one’s up to homepage shenanigans at the weekend. Google did one of their ‘event’ logoizations. Only this one didn’t look so hot. Case of a badly saved gif? My browser settings?

Nice to see we’re not the only one’s that fall pray to bugs and errors.

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