BBC pickets in action

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So this was the sight that greeted me as I approached work this morning. It all past off rather well, if slightly awkwardly.

I’ll be back out at lunchtime to see how they’re doing.
Later: I went at lunch at met some other friends who were on the picket line. In all I think some members of New Media were present at the Broadcast Centre through out the entire day, rather than all at home or shopping. Despite the good nature of the protest the entire thing has left a bad taste, I didn’t really enjoy being in work today, I didn’t even do a huge amount of work, and found that when I turned to a team member to ask him about something, he wasn’t there.

The whole day was generally unpleastant, and the office had a hushed and sombre tone to it. Not all parts of New Media Central were like this. The main editorial services that I work in, namely homepage, BBC 1,2,3,4,tv, search, H2G2, feedback, were pretty empty, but interactive TV for example was practically fully staffed.

And I had a right shitty commute home too. Well, I better get used to it, as it’s all happening again for 48 hours next week. One other thing, I watched a bit of the Chelsea Flower show coverage this evening, despite it being one of the programme affected by the industrial action, it still went out. The Titchmarsh could hardly hide is hatred of Dye-a-mund Gavin and most of the high profile talent that were supposed to be supporting the strike seemed to be there rather than outside TVC. Sigh.


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