Guest Editors – BBC strikes – Soho Rooftops

Another excellent editorial from Pete Clifton inviting ‘readers’ to submit more ideas, photographs and abuse. I’ve got to hand it to Pete, he’s really trying through that weekly column to address the issues people send in.

In particular he’s taken the brave step of addressing his own role, by inviting people to be involved in the editorial process. The Guest Editor is something I’ve thought about on the BBC homepage. Initial we’d perhaps start with BBC talent and let them choose the main link and the subsequent 5 supporting links. I mocked up these examples of what it might look like were Vicky Pollard and Adam Hart-Davis in charge as part of rolling week of ‘guest people’. We actually sent these examples out to the disparate tribes that form the BBC’s new media divisions, and got a good response. Imagine if a Dalek were to edit the page… However it sort of stalled. But I’ve been working on a bit of an idea that might start things up again, more of that in a week or so..

Back to the BBC stock photography debate. This blog’s been pinged by laughing stock, another website addressing the sometimes odd captioning and image selection that BBC News journalists come up with. Personally I think the BBC tries harder than most in it’s output. It often tries to illustrate every story, even when it’s something a bit of obtuse like ‘people are drinking more milk’. But it’s a testament to the openness of the BBC that Pete’s able to address these public concerns and opinions online, and actually covet feedback. It’s a further leap to actually invite readers to submit stuff too. There’s few other news gathering organisations that would do that…

In other news. The sight of Saddam in his pants had cause a storm, who’d have thought that the currant bun of all papers would have broke the story, and it’s going to have consequences on any form of trial. It’s odd too how it’s gone down in the middle east, I found some interesting pics on the wires of everyday Iraqi’s watching the Sun page on al Jazeera and laughing about it, not that that’s indicative of how the Arabic world think, but it must be odd to see a leader/dictator (delete as applicable) in his pants. After all, we all got embarrassed when Tony Blair got a bit sweaty.

And I hope we don’t pay a bloomin’ quid next year to Eurovision as it should now be called Eurasia-vision, I’m waiting for Georgia, Tunisia and hell, the USA to enter next year.. it’s all about block voting now, and what little of western Europe made it to the finals, (and then only by paying for it all) came out last in the voting, namely the UK, Spain, France and Germany. I don’t know why they bother doing the score in French anymore. Well next year Eastern Europe can cough up for it… we wuz robbed.

More seriously though, on Monday morning I’ll have to cross a picket line as the BBC staff strike is going ahead. Interestingly a poster went up in the kitchen at work showing the actual voting results of the ballot. Only half of Bectu’s 5000 members voted, it was actually 49.5%, and of those 77.6% voted to strike. So the 1925 or so people who voted yes have decided the action, despite being the overall minority of bectu members. It’s hardly the ‘ringing endorsement’ described by Mr Crawley I would have thought, also why did only half the members vote? Abstention or apathy? I never thought at the age of 30 I’d have been made redundant twice and would be crossing a picket line… I’m really gutted about it to be honest, and never thought it would come to this. It’s certainly not what I joined up for. I hope it all passes of peacefully, but this first day will set a precedent I believe, the BBC will gauge how seriously it service are disrupted, and it will make a decision about the next proposed ‘double day’ strike near the bank holiday. That’s the real event.


3 Responses to “Guest Editors – BBC strikes – Soho Rooftops”

  1. 1 badly dubbed boy May 22, 2005 at 11:11 pm

    I think I worked out that around 12% of BBC staff actively voted for a strike.

  2. 2 Vaughan May 24, 2005 at 11:33 pm

    Ah, I love this idea of promoting an ‘editor’ figure on BBC sites. It humanises them, to a degree. Of course, we at have been doing that since we began, almost three years ago. Everybody’s copying us now. Really. Ahem. 🙂

  1. 1 badly dubbed boy Trackback on May 23, 2005 at 10:41 am

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