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blogstipated – The Sunday Times Magazine Dec 16th 1979

Bloomin’ ‘eck. This week I’ve been so blogstipated, a packed head full of stuff I wanted to comment on and share, yet without the laxative of time to do it. Work’s been busy, and there’s been a fair amount of socialising too.

So, here’s the first ‘brain movement’ of the long weekend.

I went to the doctors last Monday, and in the waiting room I picked up a copy of The Sunday Times Magazine December 16th 1979, that’s got to be a record!? Anyway, I expressed such an interest the receptionist said I could have it.

The cover story was the unearthing of the terracotta army in China, which is now facing a new enemy, and was a big deal back then. Some great ads too, and from companies that we’ve not seen adverts from for years.. Parker Pens, Mateus Rose, Yamaha Organs, some bath foam

In the back is ‘a day in the life’ of Colonel Richard Seifert, the architect of such London Skyline ‘faves’ as Tower 42 (nee the Nat-west tower) and Centre Point. but was he says the Guardian? A great view on Centre Point’s legacy is here. This legacy is all in contrast to Seifert’s ‘day’. Here’s some choice cuts: My wife Josephine is a human alarm clock.., he’s up and out in his chauffeur driven car by 6:30am. I liked this too.. At 8am young Michael – well, actually, I call him young but he’s been with me for 20 years – my office boy, brings in my morning coffee. Bloody hell, office boy! 20 years of bringing this guy coffee… ahh the days when jobs were for life eh? Anyway, he answers his post that comes twice daily, attends a few meetings, goes out on site once or twice.. . Then, after a a full day, this I’ll get home about eight, quite tired, but the great thing is Josephine always welcomes me home with a smile and a hug and without the slightest criticism for being late. She also has a splendid three course dinner waiting for me; soup, something plain like steak, chicken or grilled fish, and a sweet.. lucky sod.

Anyway, I wonder how many ill people have held this magazine, and how many of them are now dead?

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