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A new Pope

Well, a new Pope was elected today and rather unfortunately it came as us ‘mighty homepage warriors’ were nearing the end of our working day. Good job we weren’t under work to rule conditions. It took a while for the grab of Benedict XVI on the balcony to appear on the newswires, so the Big Red Button aka pulling in the news feed, held the fort for a while immediately after the announcement. Eventually a poor contrast grab appeared, and I quickly whipped it off and went for the white text body copy option as the background was quite dark. It also went nicely with his robes and the whole ‘holy smoke’ angle of the day. I left the dark mysterious face at the bottom right of the picture in for the Da Vinci code nuts.

It’s been great being a witness to the recent papal events, often when discussing the suitability of editorial matters to do with the homepage we’d often say ‘say the pope dies’, well, he did! And it was really quite weird to work through it. Just like the capture of Sadam or the resignation of Greg Dyke. It’s fantastic producing iconic images for world events on such a high profile site, and much more substantial and thought provoking that say, ‘get digital’ or the recent ‘do’t forget to buy a TV licence’ promo.

I had a trainee in today. I’ve never got over ‘explaining your job’ syndrome.

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