More BBC News image lampoonary

Link: AIAON | BBC NEWS | News Front Page.

Wow, another website calling into question the quality and suitability of BBC News online images. Though this one lets you vote on ‘Am I abstract or not’. The results seem a little distorted though, 33% of people think a picture of cookie monster to go with the feature ‘Cookie Monster curbs biscuit habit in Sesame Street health drive’ is abstract? huh.

The top abstract image (at present) is this map of Saudi Arabia… It all seems a bit arbitrary….

At the bottom it includes the hopeful lines Not affiliated with the BBC in any way. Don’t sue me. ;-).

That smilie is no defense blasphemer! The witchfinder (Director) General’s minions with be round with the hot pokers and leg irons.. Mwhahahah!

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