a day trip to Oxford

Link: Sir Wilfred Thesiger – Pitt Rivers Museum. Went to see this little exhibition at my favourite museum in the world, Pitt Rivers in Oxford. More about the man here. Anyway, the exhibition was timely, what with British Forces in and around the Southern Iraq right now.

Oxford’s a nice relaxing place to elope for a day or two. We got there Wednesday night, and went out about on the town in the evening. It’s one of the few town that has some sort of night life, rather than a no go area in the evening like most UK city centres. We stumbled on Quod, and decided to stop for dinner. Chicken Terrine for starters and Lamb steak with dauphinoise potatoes and redwine sauce. Yum. Then who walks in? It’s Rick Stein! I went over and told him what a nice bloke he was, here’s a picture

Then the next day the Italian President was in town to pick up an honourary degree, check the link out.. The University’s Public Orator, Professor Richard Jenkyns, will highlight – in Latin – the reasons why Italy’s head of state is being honoured Latin! Liz lent him a motor, however, by driving it into town, he perhaps missed a PR coup by not getting the Park and Ride. The most senior Police Officer there was a Detective Inspector.. full dress uniform, the other Officers said, ‘no pics of the inside of the car’.. then these two stoodunts arrive, and turn out to be the Old Bills Neice and fella, and they get a proper good look inside! Still it was nice acting like a pap for a while.. plus the break gave me a chance to try out my new Nikon D70…

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