The Time Lord and the Torrent.

So the New Doctor Who episode has been posted as a BitTorrent. I like this quote from Annova.
It is believed to originate from a DVD of the episode sent to a Canadian broadcaster and news of the leak has come as an embarrassment to BBC executives. Surely it’s more of an embarrassment to the CBC who leaked it. Other web musings and whispers: The guy who did it has been caught, or has left a very obvious trail back to himself, (bet he’s shitting it!) The torrent is an rough cut, without much of the sound effects…

Sci-fi fans, eh? No other interest group foams at the mouth nor chomps at the bit quite so much. Scott Bakula said as much in today’s Metro 60 sec interview. I’ve always said that sci-fi fans are a very discerning, loyal, picky and knowledgeable group of people – you definitely feel their presence. You’re aware that they watch the work very closely and that it’s important to deliver good stories and be honest and truthful – otherwise they’re on you.

The thing for the Beeb is, it’s thrown the whole file sharing issue into the spot light. Most TV people still don’t really get online. Radio and Music do, they’ve been offering all Radiio channels live online and up to a week later on demand via radio player for ages, but TV are really going to get caught out by this if they’re not careful. The crazy thing is, with no advertising revenue model to loose, the BBC should be right at the heart of delivering TV content via various means, and iMP is a step in that direction, but it only takes something like this to de-rail things or panic people into making wrong decisions.

Personally I reckon this is a watershed for the BBCTV, it’s the first time one of it’s prime time shows has been pirated pre TX. It’s going to be a massive wake up call to big dramas and blockbusters series.. and like so many things, (internet itself, email, mp3’s, iPods) it always starts with the geeks.

As to watching it, I’m not even a big Doctor Who fan really, so I’ll pass. Actually there seems to be a bit of a die hard fan back lash against watching it… as one Doctor Who sage who sits behind me said today, “I’ve waited 15 years, I can wait three more weeks”.

1 Response to “The Time Lord and the Torrent.”

  1. 1 Ant March 22, 2005 at 8:05 am

    Wish I were there to see it… they’ll never show it here (US of BORING A). Too busy with their fancy star fences and gates and boooooo… Bring me some good old fashioned police boxes flying through space! Now that’s REAL sci-fi. I hope it’s not too slick. Dr Who just wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t have to squint a little bit to disguise the blatantly obviously adapted office equipment used as monsters. You never thought a vacuum cleaner and some tin-foil could kill you with one synth-accompanied look, did you?

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