Check this… Metallica played on a classical guitar and mixed into Take 5. Hear it here. Totally mixed up, but so beautifully played… Amazing covers in a flamenco style, but as Gabriela points out.. “We’re from Mexico, not Spain”, says Gabriela, “and we don’t play flamenco. Our music is more like a blender, with rock’n’roll and jazz. Do you want to hear some Metallica?”

Listen to Mr Chang too, it’s almost housey in rendition. Now I love a good cover version as much as the next man. A personal fave is the Gourds cover of Gin and Juice, which for me, ranks as one of the greatest ‘re-imagining’ of a song I’ve ever heard. Maybe that’s the thing with a cover version.. it’s not just about shifting it into a different style, that’s easy. Take Me First & the Gimmie Gimmies, who do punk covers of easy listening choons, it’s fun, but a gimmick. It’s a lot harder to try and distil the original sentiment into some new sprit.

I found Rodrigo y Gabriela through the increasingly excellent soundslikeradio.net. Andrew (a fellow beeber) is ramping up his weekly(ish) show and getting better and better.. well done to the fella, and if you’ve got any unsigned music, he’d love to hear it. mail andrew@soundslikeradio.net

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