Paedo of Pop Cowell says ‘ignore iPod’.

Link: Pop Idol Cowell warns: ‘ignore iPod generation’.

Honestly, what a shit. Ignore the biggest paradigm shift in music since the invention of… stereo/the 45/rock n roll”. In his view [record companies] have become “obsessed” with the market for 16 to 25-year-olds. “From what I see there is a massive audience outside the iPod generation.” Idiot! It’s those sort of people who own iPods, kids can’t afford them.

Any way, It’s a bit rich considering the age groups he’s traditionally targeted, the under 16’s. This from the man who launched the careers of acts such as Robson & Jerome and Gareth Gates (yeah thanks Cowell). Cowell does not have an iPod – “they are too technical” – and does not like laptop computers or even email, because the latter act as a substitute for real communication.

Now I know me of all people is biased. Maybe he’s kind to his family and such, but I despise the man professionally. I hate everything he stands for, his Caligula attitude, his high pants, his cheap brand of music hall/punch ‘n’ Judy entertainment. It’s not music, it’s just shit (I)TV. His acts are about as tasty as processed mild cheddar. it’s ASDA A&R, middle of the road supermarket bulk buying power. The vain bastard even put a calendar out this year. And then there’s this: “I am not a fan of the BBC – or the structure … I am totally against the licence fee. It’s 50 years out of date and I can’t understand the rationale behind it.” Bit like the record industry then? Face it Cowell, you are your casting couch producers are dying. The future is (hopefully) gonna be things like, leading to things like

You know, one of the best obits I read for John Peel was an editorial on the letters page of the NME the week he died. It simply said ‘Peel was the Anti-Cowell’; but like Iron Maiden sang, “..Only the good die young, the evil seem to live forever.”

Awww, shit.


1 Response to “Paedo of Pop Cowell says ‘ignore iPod’.”

  1. 1 Ant February 18, 2005 at 12:08 am

    Say it Brother…


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