BBC – Cult Presents: Sherlock Holmes

Link: BBC – Cult Presents: Sherlock Holmes.

This week saw the launch of the “jpeg rotorvator”. A wonderful small chunk of javascript that lets me rotate jpeg’s within the promo space on It’s maiden voyage was for Cults sherlock Holmes page. They’d got five authors to write new stories and had five artists render them. Cult are a great team, and I’m said to see them the brunt of cost cuts and scale backs. Personally I think they produce great stuff, sure it’s geeky and a bit spoddy, but the way they do it makes it accessible. Their recent look into British Comics was fantastic. Now that’s UK focused public service in my book. Ok, so they cover Angel and Buffy, like a 100 other sites and maybe they should scale that back, but in there is still great unseen British content.

Anyway, a dynamic image within the promo space was something that we originally explored back in 2002, in the Glass Wall[6meg PDF on how we built the homepage]. (get it’s while it’s here kids! I’m like the ice cream van outside your school.) Well it finally happened. What this esentially means is that we can stack promo’s, potentially with each image and link going to a different place. So for example we could have a weekend round up; image1:the water-cooler TV subjects – Image2: footie results – image3:clubs/gigs – image4:monday blues.

This represents a paradigm shift in the way we approach promo subjects. It enables us to stack topics together, and illustrate each one, offering diverse subjects grouped under one promo. Other uses include, ‘Glasto round up’ or ‘today at the Olympics’ allowing us to focus on multiple subjects and events means I’m not tied down to picking something that tries to represent all the football shown that day, or making a montage of all the Glasto line up. Ahhh freedom. There’s a lot of new stuff coming in that space this year, I faced January looking down the barrel of amiplan, and basically repeating the same events and stuff as last year. Nope, we’ve got to work smarter, better, and harder. with a greater emphasis on development rather than production, all with no extra money or resources, in fact less… nice challenge.

Martin Belam is unwell. (I’m sure he’ll see the funny side to this)


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