You Stupid Boy…..

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BBC NEWS | UK | Harry urged to say sorry publicly

Isn’t it amazing what you can find in a trunk at grannies house eh? Honestly, a gaff worthy of his Grandfather…

Thing is the party invite specified “colonial and native” Where does his costume fit in?! And his brother went as a lion! Yes he’s a been a bit daft, I reckon the media are slighty out for him though as a: he’s had a run in with one of them, a photographer, and b: the tsunami story’s been going for ages, as has Blair V Brown; So aside form Big BRo, we’ve not had a good celeb story for ages… It could have been so much worse though, he could have been captured doing a Nazi salute, or worse, blacked up and gone as a Zulu or something… We’ve all made mistakes, I once went to a fancy dress party as the Statue of Liberty, (the closest I got to cross dressing)
For a German perspective on the story, and other links about Anglo-German relations, try this German-British Ties Good, but Still Faulty

On a more serious note, the BNP allegedly contacted the BBC and asked to use the Dad’s army opening credits in a party political broadcast… I suspect we politely declined.

10:55pm A great programme from Newsnight this evening [watch it][website]. following the Prince Harry costume ‘error’, with lots of reference to the holocaust and Auschwitz, there then followed an item about Pax Warrior, a simulation to teach children about the Genocide in Rwanda in 1994 in which more people were killed that the holocaust, and right now in Sudan, there is a holocaust taking place.

The righteous attitude of the thing just makes me mad.. The Sun of all papers is first to bash the Hun were England playing Germany at football. Just look at some of these jingoistic headlines from the tabloids when England beat Germany 6-1 in 2001. The News-Night guest from the Goethe Institute rightly made the point that most people don’t know anything about the modern Germany, and with this sort of coverage in the popular press and national conscience it’s no wonder.

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