One of them days I guess

Link: Slashdot | iPod Shuffle, Mac Mini, iLife ’05, iWork.

Man what a day… Today was a pulp fiction sort of day, ok I didn’t fake a boxing match result, run from my gangster boss and end up escaping a ‘crooked’ cop called Zed. Today I was susposed to have a mate come round after work, run me down to homebase, buy a can of Crown ‘Sail White’ and step ladder, and come home to a quiet night of painting and decorating. Fate it seemed had much more in store than that…

The mate in question rang to say that his wife had been at a friends this afternoon with their baby, and whilst sat in chatting, someone had tried to break in the front door.. The wife was staying with the friend, (who’s also a mother) to comfort her. He consequently might not be able to make it, no drama I say… I leave work, get the 6:35 train from Victoria, which grinds to a halt outside Clapham junction. The lights go off, and we all sit there for 5 mins. Eventually the driver comes over the PA. “This is your driver speaking, we’re being held her due to someone falling under the train infront” They’d turn off the main power so they could get down on the track. We sat there for an hour, in the darkness, every other train rushing by while we waited… and waited… and waited. Eventually he comes back on to say the person died, but we should now be on ouor way… Then even the emergency lighting went out and we were in total darkness for another 10 mins. Eventually it all came on and we started, I got home at 8:30, two hours late. Painting was out, a beer was in.

So I walked up the hill to Thresher to find the rozzers there arresting someone. They’d run amok and smashed up the front door of the shop! Stoping briefly for a ‘what’s the Country coming too!’ moment, I then had to head to Costcutter for beers. Am now settled in, watching the leader do the Mac Keynote…. ahhh…

so ipod shuffle – I counted 16 pairs of white headphones on my commute today, I think that might go up now. Now there’s no reason not to have one.

Mac mini – brilliant, riding the back of that ipod wave, I hope they get snapped up in droves, then eventually that old beige box under the desk will be thrown out, stripped of it’s keyboard, mouse and monitor, and people (like me mum) will have a computer that just works.

other stuff – great too.

Who’d have thought you could get a mac and and ‘ipod’ for £410 before today eh? Right, more beer and Stevie


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