Amusing results from

From the BBC search monthly newsletter, (i’m sure they won’t mind)

What our users have been asking us

Some searchers still type natural language queries into the search box, rather than selecting a few keywords. While this may not always bring the searcher the best results, it does provide some amusement when reading through our search logs.

Here’s a small selection of the best user queries in 2004, unedited:

– what is a dog?
– How do I structure a French letter?
– how do i spell onamatapier?
– what is the biggest collection of naval fluff?
– what is the best way to get what teacher is saying when he is lecturing?
– how do you say basketball?
– what do buddhism eat?
– what does a baby were when it is baptism?
– what are conglumarets?
– i am searching for my family history all i know that i have an aunty doreen before her marriage she was known as huet living in plymouth devon
– what is better one long vacation each year or several short vactions throughout the year?
– what is so special about the swiss?
– what do you do when the person you love tells you he loves some one else?
– what are the contemporary issue in nurses?
– how do you say unperfuct in spanish?


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