Springer protests pour in to BBC

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | TV and Radio | Springer protests pour in to BBC. Been a rough ol’ time for Rich ‘n’ Gary, bbc.co.uk’s feedback and complaints double act. And the points of view message boards are aflame with polarised postings…

In amongst the ‘ABSOLUTE DISGRACE’ brigade there’s some really nice opinions and arguments. At least some people have worked out that it can’t contain 8000 swear words (For a two-hour show, that works out at around one expletive every 0.9 seconds) (except this guy! Ahh bless)

Here’s some other good stats.
a: by it being on at the National Theatre your state taxes have already paid for it, for two years!
b: two tickets to see it at the theatre plus two G&T’s in the interval would set you back a whole year’s licence fee,
and c: Total Licence fee per person per year: £121…Per month: £10.08…Of which goes towards BBC2 programming: £1.51* …BBC2 per day: 4.8pence …Per hour: 0.2pence. So a ball park figure costing is 0.4p for those two hours.

It’s crazy to think that this show’s been on in the West End for two years, and only now is there a fuss by the suburban net curtain twitchers! This has become about religion, at least on the message boards, and the whole thing’s got right out of context. There’s actually a couple of Christians who’ve said that they’ve seen it and it’s not that bad, but yes, it’s adult theme, but ultimately a piece of fiction. What’s really bad is there’s been cases of lobby groups in the America phoning up the switchboard and complaining, and they don’t even pay the licence fee! Gits

Here’s what the show’s creator said about it anyroad.

Because if we’re not carful, we end up with this.

*official BBC predicted spend 2004/05 based on 2003/04 spend.

2 Responses to “Springer protests pour in to BBC”

  1. 1 murray January 6, 2005 at 11:12 pm

    pedant hat on : license fee is 121 per *household*. i’ve no idea what the average person per household rate is, but it’s probably 2.4 like everything else, so that’s more like 50 quid per person, per year.

    the thing that puzzles me about bbc stuff – 30% goes on bbc one?

    6 (or 7?) tv stations, 7 or 8 national radio networks, regional variations that are well into the hundreds, one of the worlds best websites … and a third is spent on 1 channel.

    when did the economy of scale suddenly vanish?


  2. 2 Frankie Roberto January 7, 2005 at 2:49 pm

    The ‘8000’ stat comes from “multiplying the number of swear-words by the number of people singing them”, which is somewhat ridiculous.

    The show sounds great, I’m looking forward to it… 🙂

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