Christmas 2004

867 driven miles and several mince pies later, I’ve made it to the end of my Xmas Odyssey. Next year we think we may go away…

Anyway, eyedropper towers eventually took delivery of homechoice on Christmas Eve. Two weeks later than planned due to an ‘error’ on their part, and despite my furious email to them they’ve not bothered to respond. 0/10 for customer service, 8/10 for the product though. A tiny little box, rubber and aluminium finish (kinky!), big blue ‘on’ light on the front and one on/off button, that’s it. Plenty of VOD too, things like Spaced, Early Doors, grand designs, Enders for the missus. Films are ok, and Sunday, monged after new year we paid £2 to watch ‘High Fidelity’, so long Blockbuster membership… Negroponte will be pleased.

So, finally broadbanded up and ready to rock for 2005? Any resolutions? Well, loose the recent mince pie and cold buffet saddle bags, cram in the BBC gym with everyone else for the month of January. Knock the the booze on the head for a bit, take more/better photography, realise some of the projects I’ve had kicking round my head for the past decade.. the only way is up, as Yazz once said.

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