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Sport Relief ‘thanks’ party

Sport Relief ‘thanks’ party – a photoset on Flickr
ok, so Monday I get an email from the Comic Relief web team, saying, ‘hope you got your invite to out sport relief thank you party tomorrow night, see you there’…. eh, what invite… A party, without moi? I mailed back and made arrangements.

See a while back myself and Mr Useability himself Gee-Kay Wong paid them a visit to talk about design, promotion on and general useability guidelines…

So Tuesday night comes around off I trot. It’s in a quick drink at the bar before Kevin Cahill takes the stage and talks about all the good work that’s been done and the successes of sports relief.

Emma Freud, a trustee of Comic Relief then takes the stage and talks about the upcoming plans for 2005. The plan is this… Make poverty history. It’s a really unique opportunity that the UK has to end some of the major causes of world poverty. It’s 20 years after Live Aid, when we were first made aware of the full horrors of famine and poverty. It’s also the UK’s turn to host the G8 summit, where eight men will go to the Gleneagles hotel in Scotland and decide world economic policy for the next few years. The UK will also hodl the EU presidency. MPH is campaigning for three things: Fair and even trade laws, dropping 3rd world debt and increasing each country’s aid budget to a ‘whopping’ 0.7% of GDP.

Emma then showed a video, and you can watch it here, infact I insist that you do. It’s one of the most heart breaking things I’ve ever seen.

World poverty won’t go away over night, but at least some of the root causes will have been addressed by these aims. It’s a real chance to do something powerful and far reaching so get involved.

Everyone was kind of numb after that video…. but Kevin made an exceptional closing statement and raised the mood once more.

Then it was time to get some more drinks in, Bjorn Again got on stage, then the lovely Edith Bowman did a set, Ainsley Harriott was there along with a load of other c’lebs, and I got a bit smashed. I then saw a man passed out at Embankment station, and met a couple with ‘tazer quest’ guns on the train… [photos of the night here]

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