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The plastacine bomber, the girl and the Current Bun.

Phew. You’ve got to love the way this week’s turned out; everyone’s blood boiling, Nation up in arms, men in tights, violence, blooded heads, unusual weather, animals, attacks on both Royalty and the Govenment. It’s great time for us to be running a series on what it means to be British too. Least it puts paid the idea that the English are stay at home passive ‘shopkeepers’, (actually we have a great history of rioting and protest, from the corn laws to the poll tax).

The Daily Mail won stupid headlines of the week for me though. ‘Marquis and Rat-Catcher side by side’, emphasized a view of class employment not seen since medieval times, Rat-catcher, surely rats are mainly urban dwellers? There other one was ‘Five who rocked the cradle of Democracy’, Last I looked that was Ancient Greece?

Then the Sun ups the anti with another man on the inside. Makes you wonder how many of the Sun’s staff are on the payroll of other organizations and companies? Must be a night mare for the Sun’s HR Dept… Still, it also managed to track down Gemma Richards, a.k.a the ‘Hunt Filly’ and give her her own Page 3 here & here, ‘strirrupped’ down to her ‘jodphwoars’. Not to be outdone, fellow red top The Daily Star gave her a front page. And as poor young Gemma’s stablehand job is under threat by the ban, it’s nice to see her ‘re-training’…

Hunt fans and new cameras…

SnappersSo i pick the right time to get a Canon 300D on hire free for a week from London Camera Exchange. In my lunch hour I waddled up to Charing Cross Police Station to see the protests against yesterdays House of Commons intruders. The press were all getting the dog shot, a spaniel sat in-between a woman’s legs, the cute angle once more, then it was off to their powerbooks and Sony Viao’s to upload the images to the AP ftp. Despite the BBC badge and chatting to some fellow beebers, I felt totally amateur with the 300D compared to some of the beasts these fellas had. Still it’s a nice camera, if a little slow to power up from standby. And some of the Toff’s that were there.. I was almost tempted to shout ‘wee-wease wodderwick, and twarkwin, you bwaffoons’ ala Life of Brian and join in….

Hunt pictures from the wires

Things that didn’t make the main stream media due to the shots of bloody heads and angry coppers.

pictures from the demonstrations at Parliament Square.

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