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iMP vs Neighbours vs Olympics | Media | The BBC wizardry set to make waves

iMP’s in the news again… The press have been having previews the past few weeks, and they seem to like it. So BSkyB want 2.5 million Sky+ users eh? Non-linear TV on the way out then… and along with it the traditional advertising model perhaps.

In other news, the first of the closures recommended by the Graf report happened this week with Pure Soap feeling the axe; or as the replacement flash movie shows, spade and crowbar.

It seems to have been popular with a small community of dedicated soap fans.. note the word community here, but the feeling was that there were plenty other sites and publications catering for this market… still, going out on a laugh is a good thing. Perhaps someone might use iCan, the BBC’s issues action website, to form a ‘bring back pure soap’ committee? Hey, that’s what it’s there for, campaign about issues you care about..

Soap fans are a devoted lot.. quick peak behind the curtain of BBC feedback here… There’s been over 40 complaints to the BBC that Neighbours has been taken off the air while the Olympics is on. Honestly, you think these people could live for two weeks without some washed up Oz soap that’s not been at all interesting for years, I bet even Stefan Dennis hasn’t even got it on his CV anymore and it’s not like he’s worked in a while. Two weeks every four years that’s all… 15 odd days once every 1460, is that too much to ask? ..a bit more sport and a bit less soap watching is a good thing people.

On the other hand there’s been a lot of feedback in praise of the Olympic coverage, especially now we seem to be doing well, especially without the albatross of Henman round our necks. There’s been over 6 million people use the ‘watch anything’ interactive TV service, and a huge take up of ‘watch it all’ online too. So if all you wanted to watch was the women’s beach volley ball, the Beeb’s your man. Now if that ain’t putting the power in the sweaty hand of the user, I don’t know what is.

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