Doom, Battlezone and Operation Wolf

Games have been in the news a bit lately…

Doom 3 hits the shelves in the UK today… And this prompted me to think about playing the original Doom. How times have changed eh? Doom 1 used the fledgling interweb to release a shareware of it’s first couple of levels, allowing players to get hooked and then buy the full game. The entire Doom 3 game was leaked on the net, ‘…our profits!’ scream ID execs. Brought home to me how mainstream game production has got… Alice talks about the ‘hollywood’ method here.

Though I played shareware Doom, my main Doom experience came with Doom2. I had my 486DX networked to my flat-mate’s and Doom was one of the first ‘modern’ game I remember that had a co-op feature. Death-match is fine when there’s four or more of you, but gets a little boring with two. More games should come with a co-op feature.

The music was great too, who can forget the classic dum dum…ticka ticka dee dum dum dum.. .ticka, check it out, it’s got some funky Bossa Nova beats in there towards the end… A bit of latin groove sure brighten things up when you’re face with the robotic spawn of hell and can’t find the key for the red door.

All time fave game of all time ever bar none tho’ was Activision’s ’96 version of Battlezone. I spent most of 1997 sat in a tank on mars collecting scrap bio-metal… Shame you can’t buy it anymore.

In other news… ‘Manhunt’ style killing led to the game selling out in most shops. ‘Ban these games’ says the facist Tory rag and the parents…. Yet according to the last sentence in this BBC audio report it was the 14 year old victim who owned a copy of Manhunt, not the 17 year perpetrator.

Games and violence have always been in the news. I’ve got a Commodore User magazine review from ’87 of Operation Wolf which was released a few months after the Hungerford Massacre. Op Wolf (a great game BTW) was the first game to feature a proper gun on the cabinet, and the reviewer noted then, that ‘in light of Hungerford’ questions might be raised about the game and violence.

The more things change eh?

Mac fans relive that ’93 feeling with Doom Legacy for OS X!

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