UK Military Bans iPods – Then covers it up!

UK military denies ban on iPods

Apple must love publicity like this… If you read the article what they’ve actually looked at banning are all forms of removable storage, but the headline ‘MOD bans USB Flash fobs’ would just be too werid. ‘sides, ‘iPods = future tech’ in the popular press right now right?

But what about this: “With USB devices, if you plug it straight into the computer you can bypass passwords and get right on the system,” RAF Wing Commander Peter D’Ardenne told Reuters. “That’s why we had to plug that gap.”

How unsecure is that!!! Tsk, I remember when hacking into Govenment systems required playing Noughts and Crosses with a mainframe!

And for the true geek, here’s a in depth look at the actual computer Broderick used IMSAI home. Changing your grades by computer was the future! As was making long distance phonecalls using only a can ring pull…

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