Cracking the safe at The Bank of England!

Spent a splendid boozy Friday evening at The Old Bank of England at the invitation of my chum Jeremy, who works for Fullers, the owners. He wanted some colour advice as it’s having a spruce up.

While there we were invited to look at the strong rooms by the manager. The building was the first (and only) ‘branch’ of the Bank of England, indeed the first branch of any UK bank. Situated near the Law Courts it helped handle monies received from fines and bail etc, rather than risk transporting them all the way along to Threadneedle Street in the City.

During the war it held some of the crown jewels too. The safe in the last photo remains jammed/locked shut. If any one out there knows about old safes, go into the pub and try to get it open for them, as no one knows what’s in it. A bit worse for wear we all tried heaving and hoeing it, but it didn’t budge. The Manager said they’d tried WD40, hammers, crow bars… Come on England’s Historic Safe Enthusiasts it needs cracking!

The Safe at The Old Bank of England

2 Responses to “Cracking the safe at The Bank of England!”

  1. 1 troy October 25, 2004 at 9:38 am

    by jesus,i think i can crack that “sucker of a vault” open…i just dont know where it is located man…any info would be good…thanks

  2. 2 goose November 11, 2004 at 7:50 pm

    give me a chance with that old valt but ill need the blue prints of the building

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