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Cracking the safe at The Bank of England!

Spent a splendid boozy Friday evening at The Old Bank of England at the invitation of my chum Jeremy, who works for Fullers, the owners. He wanted some colour advice as it’s having a spruce up.

While there we were invited to look at the strong rooms by the manager. The building was the first (and only) ‘branch’ of the Bank of England, indeed the first branch of any UK bank. Situated near the Law Courts it helped handle monies received from fines and bail etc, rather than risk transporting them all the way along to Threadneedle Street in the City.

During the war it held some of the crown jewels too. The safe in the last photo remains jammed/locked shut. If any one out there knows about old safes, go into the pub and try to get it open for them, as no one knows what’s in it. A bit worse for wear we all tried heaving and hoeing it, but it didn’t budge. The Manager said they’d tried WD40, hammers, crow bars… Come on England’s Historic Safe Enthusiasts it needs cracking!

The Safe at The Old Bank of England

World Wide Wonderland

By now you’ll have started seeing the new “adverts” for featuring the new logo. Featuring the strap-line World Wide Wonderland.. geddit? It’s this that I’ve been working on for the past couple of months. It’s not been without it’s ups and downs either.

There was the launch of Wonderland, staring Val Kilmer, which has fortunately been panned by the critics so that’s good news for us. Or the fact that wonderland was a code name in the early 90’s for a police sting into child abuse. Anyway, I think the trails, and indeed the concept, steer clear enough away from these associations.

It’s by far the biggest production that BBC New Media have done. And, I have to say, looks rather good. It’s quite hard to get across a lot of different services yet maintain a coherent theme, all in 60 seconds.

Anyway, here’s some ‘behind the scenes’ photo’s of the set for the advert. I’d forgotten just how long and slow shoots are, there’s lots of standing around and drinking tea.

World WIde Wonderland shoot for

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