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Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Products

Planning, as this picture so beautifully demonstrates, is something people don’t do enough of, even/especially* here at the beeb. This can in turn lead to bad products and services. So in this case, the ‘campaign’ to promote cheap phone-cards at my local internet cafe takes a real nose dive in quality.

You’d have thought he’d have stopped at ‘phone’, and maybe gone for a horizontal ‘cards’. Might contrast nicely with the ‘£3.50’? form a bit of an I shape, this being an internet cafe and all. But no, he’s ploughed on with the original idea and, low and behold, it looks shit. Ahhh it’s all so familiar.

Incidentally, it’s now been painted over, which brings to mind a George Rorick quote said to a junior who’d rushed a piece of work due to a deadline but then had to be redone because it was wrong… ‘So, we don’t have time to do it right, but we have time to do it over?’

*delete depending on job title


And I thought it smelt bad, on the outside*

WhatsWrongWithTheBbcWebsite – Yoz’s Wiki

Strange how you see things like this around the net. With only a slight nod at the start to the fact that the site has ‘tons of useful content’ (actually over 2 million pages) the page then rapidly drops into stylistic opinionisms. . . This looks like that, that should be this, drop that, replace this. . . Then there this bloody stupid debate. Which has been going on for what seems like a year now, and has become a slaggin’ match about who can reconfig apache servers the best.

Now, I’m not very happy with Auntie at the moment, but I do believe that it gets a lot of things right, ok so goes there but doesn’t (and it’s soon to be fixed I think). But even so, it’s not like that’s a huge barrier stopping you getting to Jo Whiley is it.

Sometimes techie opinions look great but just arn’t possible, sometimes they’re just play out of touch. Reminds me of a recent slashdot post about the new mini ipod, Techie bod: but it’s to expensive – no OGG Vorbis support – can’t run Linux – HD too small etc etc. Joe Public: we don’t care! …and they can’t make ’em fast enough.

Anyway, beebers who read this, and can answer any of the points on his wiki, do so.

*with appols to H Solo esq.

Fucking Cell!

Blimey, first ray of spring sunshine and tech-augmented sex stories spill all over the Net like muck on bed sheets.

Firstly, there’s ‘toothing’. (As in BLUEtoothing), which takes bluejacking, and goes a lot further with it. Some thoughts here, even the Guardian’s having a go!

Then there’s this BBC minx from southampton floggin’ herself (for a month) on eBay. A quick search on eBay reveals plenty of cash strapped students willing to type a few saucy mails and send a few pics. One bid’s got up to £800! (at the other end of the scale was a Virtual Boyfriend for £4.99) Of course they could all be illegal East European prostitutes in the pictures, and their (gran)mothers typing the mails. . .? And a lot of them certainly look the part.

The best post I found whilst lurking round the toothing message boards was: Poster A> “but it’s all men”. Poster B>”welcome to the internet”. It’s amusing to think of city chaps SMSin’ each other on the 8:45 to London all hanging round near the loo, phones out, thumbs ready. . .

Still, maybe it’s just a new take on old customs.

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