Blue is the colour, homepage is the game.

One of (if not) the finest albums by Joni Mitchell is entitled ‘Blue’. Joni Mitchell’s generation sought peace, loved the outdoors and embraced social reforms. This is a good use of ‘blue’. At the other end of the scale are the boy band Blue. Blue’s generation wants ring-tones, celeb gossip and Mc Donald’s Mc Flurry’s. Then of course there’s Deacon Blue.

The all mighty BBC New Media Mainframe along with ‘the bland brand company of higher education’ today approved a new identity, neigh, brand focus and direction, for the BBC’s online services. Their mission: to ‘own’ the colour blue. Without doubt the most blandest ‘corporate’ colour in the spectrum, already the subject of a bitter custody dispute between MSN (who own dark blue) and AOL (who own light blue), as well as most financial web sites and most modern operating systems. I mean, who the fuck owns blue? Picasso, IBM, the Virgin Mary, Ming dynasty Pottery? It’d be easier to carve a name for ourselves with ultra violet, at least bee’s would appreciate our branding, but no, blue it is. I’ve nothing against blue, i happen to quite like it, just not next to red, or deeply saturated yellow.

7 Responses to “Blue is the colour, homepage is the game.”

  1. 1 Steve March 17, 2004 at 11:03 am

    I remember somewhere, though I can’t find it now, seeing a map of all the major corporations of the world mapped along the full colour spectrum. Blue was the one with the most ‘saturation’ as far as I recall… ’nuff companies have it, with red being the next most aggresively used.

    The thing that worries me, is the emotianal resonance.

    How do people feel about blue? Trusting? Warm? Homely? Comfortable? Safe?

    I’d love to see the ‘brand reasoning’ behind this.


  2. 2 Matt March 23, 2004 at 2:36 pm

    Yup – the spectrum was in Wired a while back (it may even been me who show it to you young steve me laddo)

    Blue is *very* contested, the diagram pointed out – for the hackneyed colour psychology reasons that mean that meetinggoers can nod sagely and look like they have had an insight by proxy INTO THE VERY NATURE OF THE HUMAN MIND!!!

    the diagram show that it was down to the nanometer variation in the wavelength war over BLUE.

    listen, webb – can you please post this stuff you’re talking about up somewhere so I can rip it a new one? 😉

    fucking hell. I’m starting to think that rebranding is the refuge of scoundrels who are looking to avoid hard business design problems.

    oops – that’ll be my spleen falling on the floor.

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