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Does my deadline look big in this . .?

ok, so work’s gone a bit crazy. . . There’s a major project in motion. . . with a deadline tighter than an Italian waiter’s trousers.

Douglas Adams famously said “…I love deadlines, I Iove the whooshing noise they make as the fly by…”

Had a presentation by a well known design agency. . . and was left dumbstruck through a combination of the sloppiness of their presentation style and the low standard of the work. . . I wanted showmanship, razzmatazz, damn it make me believe!!! What we got was a bunch of euro trash designers slouching about in chairs mumbling about the colour blue.

There was nothing new that another well known design agency hadn’t presented three years ago. Has graphic design moved on at all? Are clients forever destined to look at hefty black tomes with their company name arranged over what seems to be a standard set of graphic devices and icons? Client X, here’s you’re name over a swirl, in a box, next to a blob, inverted, looking like OS X, looking like XP. Surely someone’s invented a photoshop ‘brand’ filter by now? At least there were no 45 degree angles.

Maybe it’s us? Maybe the BBC is such a uniquely weird place that no one really gets it. That no one can understand the fights and fiefdoms? Maybe it’s a bit unfair to go to an agency and say, “hey, here’s one of the best known brands in the world, can you redesign it please. . . in eight weeks”.

I dunno, the project’s expanding rapidly and there ain’t much slack left in those Italian pants.

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