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Bush’s visit to London – Photography

Finally I’ve got round to editing and uploading some shots I took when George dubya Bush came to town. Bush visit gallery here. I hung around Trafalgar square in the morning, popped over to the MacExpo at Islington in the afternoon, and then came back whne everyone was partying. I missed the statue being pulled down [MOVIE] or [PIC], but in a Berlin Wall sort of way, blagged my way through the fence and ripped myself a bit off. Might pop it on eBay?

Blue is the colour… (of us and nearly everybody else it seems)

Thanks to some supportive ex-brothers (Jones and Hunt) for finding the colour space grade/brand spectrometer(?) from WIRED . . . Take a look at ¬°THIS¬° . Now I know this is very US based, but it’s still got the likes of Barclays and a couple of other global tech/media/computer brands. . . . and Enron still in there.

And it’s being ironic where it says ‘The coolest shades in Corporate America’. . . .

It’s very crowded in there. . . .

Blind drunk?

Yesterday, whilst being dragged round ASDA’s along with all the other misbehaving children, we chanced upon this bottle of wine with it’s label in Braille [PIC] and [PIC]. How nice to see this level of accessibility on a product. Particularly on something like wine, where a description of the contents is far more than a list of ingredients. It’s produced by Chapoutie, unfortunately, Maison M.Chapoutier’s own website didn’t do to well when when put into bobby. result here. Still, the wine sounded nice.

Whistle for it. . .

ThisisLondon Nice piece about Midland mainline using a louder type of whistle to ‘launch’ it’s trains. Apparently the old whistle just didn’t get us stressed and crabby passengers moving quick enough, which was having a knock on effect on train punctuality. . (beats leaves on the line) . . the shriller the whistle, the quicker people obey.

Anyway, the whistle in question, the Acme Thunderer, is produced by Acme Whistles of Birmingham, to a 100 year old design, and still carried by Police Constables today. Take a look at the (gulp) T2000 from Acme, this is the Whistle Robo-Cop would use. Is this company the last surviving example of British Manufacturing?

Begs the design question, how can you improve on the deisgn of a whistle? Perhaps some objects reach a design zenith? They might be made different materials, or be subject to the whims of fashion, but do some object warrant a certain final form? Writing implements don’t seem to have changed much (history of the pencil), nor has cutlery & (history of everyday things) online summary here. Perhaps this is because where change happens least is where the object is constrained by our form, the size of our hands or the size of our mouths?

Still, it’s nice to see Acme prospering since they lost the Wiley E. Coyote supply contract.

Blue is the colour, homepage is the game.

One of (if not) the finest albums by Joni Mitchell is entitled ‘Blue’. Joni Mitchell’s generation sought peace, loved the outdoors and embraced social reforms. This is a good use of ‘blue’. At the other end of the scale are the boy band Blue. Blue’s generation wants ring-tones, celeb gossip and Mc Donald’s Mc Flurry’s. Then of course there’s Deacon Blue.

The all mighty BBC New Media Mainframe along with ‘the bland brand company of higher education’ today approved a new identity, neigh, brand focus and direction, for the BBC’s online services. Their mission: to ‘own’ the colour blue. Without doubt the most blandest ‘corporate’ colour in the spectrum, already the subject of a bitter custody dispute between MSN (who own dark blue) and AOL (who own light blue), as well as most financial web sites and most modern operating systems. I mean, who the fuck owns blue? Picasso, IBM, the Virgin Mary, Ming dynasty Pottery? It’d be easier to carve a name for ourselves with ultra violet, at least bee’s would appreciate our branding, but no, blue it is. I’ve nothing against blue, i happen to quite like it, just not next to red, or deeply saturated yellow.


Sunset one and Sunset two from the recent trip oop north.

hand written signs project

hand written signs

drum roll please. . I’ve finally put up some project photography in a web gallery. Hand-written signs is available for your viewing pleasure here

It’s an on going project looking into information augmentation. You very rarely see hand written signs anymore. I think they have a slight air of desperation about them. They show where machines and systems fail, and we fall back to the ‘written’ word.

If anyone’s got any thoughts (or examples) I’d be glad to include them.

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