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Ahh back off hols, to a flurry of mails, news and events. They’ll be a lot more on the hol and stuff/photog from it later. . .
Meanwhile Flickrwas launched at the recent Etech conf. . . I would have really like to have seen Don Normans presentation on ‘Emotional Design’ too. Any road, Flickr apparently lets you:

* Chat and exchange photos live with your friends
* Meet people who have the same interests as you
* Stay in touch with your friends and family
* Have fun

Wow, stay in touch with my family AND have fun? I just had to sign up. . .

Now, a lot of people have written about Flickr, there’s some good thoughts here, and here’s Stewart Butterfield’s (guy behind it) blog I’m not normally one for digital social networks. Sure, I got invited to friendster, but when after adding eight or so people from work I found myself connected to over 2000 people, it all seemed a bit pointless. Of course people say that Flickr has a purpose, that the sharing of photo’s brings a certain ‘something to talk about’ quality to the friendship network,of course there’s other examples of this, buzzbox being a good example. Another great site discussing the cultural impact of photo ‘n’ mo-blogging is

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