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High Peak

Just returned from a family thing up north. . went up into the hills on sat and dabbled in a spot of Landscape Photography.

Results here

To see how to do it properly look here

More stuff up soon.

ConCon and the IMP

What a week.

First off I went to ConConUk. Which was held in a tiny room, in a tiny pub, and vastly over subscribed. Managed to get AND keep a seat. Interesting pres’ were: Digital Democracy and Glancing.

Did a freelance job till the small hours

Some fellow BBCi’ers were talking at AIGA. It was quite alot to get in, firstly the history of the homepage, then talks about User Centered Design from Colfelt. Then a history of Radio Player, and what will follow it, IMP, Here’s what someone said post presentation and the subsequent Slashdot rant.

Personally I thought most people didn’t get it. As soon as Sara said DRM their eyes and ears closed. The room (at both these talks) was very alpha geek, very London and very ‘in the know’. THe first question from the room was along the lines of “.. I can hack the DRM in half an hour”. Whoopie doo. the content’ll be old news by then. THAT’S the point. Who’s gonna bother limewiring for month old Enders or Watchdog? You’re average punter gets told day after day that downloading content from the net is bad, this, even if it’s just a trial, lets regular users know that they’re not getting pr0n off a virus by downloading and sharing the cast of Albert Sq. How many times have you come into work and talked about last nights telly? Now you’ll be able to watch it in your lunch hour.

I’m bloggin’ this from coach F on the 18:55 virgin train service to Oop Norf

Metadata olde styleee

Went to Photofair yesterday morning. Mainly on offer were 19th century prints and sterograms, all offered by retired photography dealers, dabblers and collectors [image]. There were some modern prints on display, as well as some excellent out of print books.

But what really struck me was this. This print had belonged to over half a dozen agencies and libraries in Paris, London and New York through out it’s life. Lets see EXIF data try and replicate that! It looks like an old fashioned passport. It was a still of Candy Bergen in the film ‘The Group’ [biog]. It was her first film role and sees her cast as Lakey, ‘a wealthy young lesbian’ (you can just make out this description in black on the back)

Took this shot of someworkmen outside.

George Rorick

Interview withGeorge Rorick who amongst other things, designed the USA Today back page weather map.

Apple Products. Insanely great, or just good enough?

Core77 Articles: Insanely great, or just good enough? The wise Dan Hill has penned this on Apple design and ipod batteries. . . oh, and lots of links to classic design arguments and examples.
Ahh back off hols, to a flurry of mails, news and events. They’ll be a lot more on the hol and stuff/photog from it later. . .
Meanwhile Flickrwas launched at the recent Etech conf. . . I would have really like to have seen Don Normans presentation on ‘Emotional Design’ too. Any road, Flickr apparently lets you:

* Chat and exchange photos live with your friends
* Meet people who have the same interests as you
* Stay in touch with your friends and family
* Have fun

Wow, stay in touch with my family AND have fun? I just had to sign up. . .

Now, a lot of people have written about Flickr, there’s some good thoughts here, and here’s Stewart Butterfield’s (guy behind it) blog I’m not normally one for digital social networks. Sure, I got invited to friendster, but when after adding eight or so people from work I found myself connected to over 2000 people, it all seemed a bit pointless. Of course people say that Flickr has a purpose, that the sharing of photo’s brings a certain ‘something to talk about’ quality to the friendship network,of course there’s other examples of this, buzzbox being a good example. Another great site discussing the cultural impact of photo ‘n’ mo-blogging is

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