Hutton Inquiry Web Site

Hutton Inquiry Web Site
hey that top nav looks familiar

So, what a day to be a picture editor for the BBC homepage. The morning started with a sense of anticipation, after all, it was the long hot days of summer when this all started. Then Hutton gave his summary, and God did it drag on. . I felt like I was in a televised school assembly. So we listen to the first bit, and it’s not really sinking in, then slowly it gets worse. And you can’t take it all in, and news 24 are flashing up 4 word ‘highlights’ like BBC editorial system ‘defective’. Then Greg appears, in a pre recorded statement, Then Campbell comes out, and calls for resignations, then Davies resigns, and I’m thinking bloody hell! Davies! I’d got pic ready of Hutton, Gilligan, Hoon, Blair, Dyke, but not Davies. . . who’s next, Fiona Bruce!. . . Then it snows, and the whole day sinks down and I go of to the pub, to the cellar bar, where no phones work, and things don’t seem to matter much, until tomorrow.

I wonder what the public make of it, I’ll wager they’ll come down on the side of teh BBC, because the report is almost ‘too’ good for teh Gov’. And all this on top of the Fee’s debate yesterday. . . Blair’s looking smug and the Great British Public don;t tend to go for that. It’s all so far away from Monday, when headlines like ‘blair:fight of his life’ were being banded about. . . A week’s a logn time in politics.

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